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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Erk..That's not what i learn before!!!

Getting working now....yeah, thats what im doing now,working as a admin assistant beside doing some admin stuff,purchase order,quotation,invoice,delivery order,filing and so on!but..thats not what im just doing bcoz i also have to learn and remember all the type of sparepart that mycompany supply..just what??erghh...thats not in myfield!waaa....ssh woo,there are just many type of them,n i have to know every details each of them!uhh...kasik pusing kepala ad la,i pun ap lagi wat xtau je la,jz hfl ckit2 jek...huhu,i think its  gonna take long time to rmmber all that thing..aiyoo cmne ni??huhuuuu.....amp,voltage,NO NC,autonics,LS,hokomo,side mount,front mount,ABN,ABS,ABH,Kh,2 3 4 pole,MCB,MCCB,interlock kit,contactor,overload relay...ha bnyk ag klu nk d sbtkan!yg i btau ni pun mn yg i bru stdy!huhu....so now i have to be more patient bcoz i xnk ilg kerja la,da le ssh nk dpt keje ni bru dpt da merungut lak ak ni aih!ni la alam pkerjaan yg sbnrnye,bljr bdg len keje t bdg len!haha....btol x kwn2??

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